mahasen saber يقول...

انا لسه متفرجتش على الحوار بس بجد

جايه اشكرك على مجهوداتك الجميله دى

شكرا يا طفاطيفو

الله...الوطن...أما نشوف يقول...

Ya Tafateefo...can I ask for a BIG BIG favour?? Actually I am away from Egypt at the moment (on business in Denmark Allahu a3lam till when!) and nefsi bgad awe atabe3 bernameg Yosri Fouda el gedeed(a7'er kalam) on ONTV...bas el 3ain baseera w el2eed 2aseera..!.I mean I don't have any access to Nile Sat here...the cheapest way to stay connected to home -Egypt I mean- is the Internet...and by the way, ur blog is one the main channels allow me to follow up what's happening in Egypt... so I was wondering if you can at least at least ya3ny every now and then upload one of the episodes of Yosri Fouda's new show?...the show will start next Tuesday bemonasbet 6 October...a special episode...10 PM..Can you do that for me, and for other Egyptians living abroad? please I'll really appreciate it:)